Society for EMBA Professionals (SEP) is a voluntary organization of a group of people who qualified Executive MBA course from one of the leading private university in Bangladesh, BRAC University. It is registered under the Societies Registration Act, 1860 (Act XXI of 1860). Its members are of multi-disciplines with diversified exposures which enable it to groom up leaders and managers for corporate sectors. Presently, it has 26(twenty-six) registered members who are consistently collaborative with each other’s. The main objectives of SEP are to create a strong bondage and network among its members for an intellectual engagement to develop and strengthen professional & social relationship, growing saving tendency and forming and investing capital for the mutual benefits of its members and the society it operates.

It will work for the development of the members & the society by arranging different kinds of activities viz. providing training to professionals and new generation for taking part in the building the nation, by creating awareness among people about the concern of environmental issues, upholding image of the nation by arranging quality education at different levels, to work for enhancing the quality of life of underprivileged people of the society.


Working activity

SEP has started its journey within a least time. By this time a strong bondage between members has been establish. SEP got itself registered with the authority as legitimate association of persons. It arranged several programs to straitening the relationship between members and families.

SEPt is working to establish a Training & Development Centre under its own banner wherefrom it could create value for the society by developing skilled managers and leaders to lead the nation for future economic growth.

Regularly, it is working to develop strategy and searching for how to create opportunity for jobs and economic means for unemployed generations by creating prospects of investment in untapped opportunities.


What to do?

It has to take every chances of opportunity that match with the available resources and capacity of SEP. What SEP can do more are:

  • Develop new small sized enterprise with low wages technical students;
  • It may take over existing businesses suffering capital shortage or lack of management capacity to run;
  • May get into technology business in joint-venture with a strategic partner who has operational know how;
  • May explore export-import market of untraditional commodity with friends & relatives live in abroad.

Certificate of Registration of Societies:

Certificate of Registration of Societies