“To create a unique society of trust, confidence & mutual benefits for its members and the next generation”.



“Together we achieve all our goals”.



  1. To carry on humanitarian or charitable program among the poor people;
  2. To take initiative for enhancing knowledge of science, literature & arts by establishing school, college & university;
  3. To take initiative for distribution of relief among the neglected poor people;
  4. To train the illiterate and half-literate people for increasing their performances by ensuring advanced education system;
  5. To aware the common people, poor people and human society for their humanitarian activities;
  6. To set up library or reading room for growing reading habit to the common people;
  7. To publish rare/old manuscript of the lost folklore of the country including the myth book after being collected them;
  8. To arrange exhibition of sculptured /collection of painting through display center;
  9. Museum and mobile museum;
  10. To set up museum for display of sculpture and paintings;
  11. To publicity about literary works among the common people;
  12. To arrange publicity regarding archeological and historical precedent or to establish educational research center;
  13. To collect and preserve machinery and scientific equipment and to aware to the people for its usefulness;
  14. To set up School, College, University, Institution Mosque and Madrasa for enhancing the quality of education and to distribute free books amongst the poor students;
  15. To invest the moneys of the society not immediately required for its purpose in or upon such investment, securities, property or business and borrow or raise money for the purpose of the society on such terms and on such security as may be thought fit;
  16. To provide an organization for the benefit and the service of EMBA Professionals and to develop a strong network, strengthen professional & social relationship among members of the Society for Social Work;
  17. To receive all kinds of aid, grants, donations, assistance, benefaction, subscriptions for the purpose of the organization;